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the east coast, we've been hearing for years we're going to get a whopper on the east coast. could this be it? show us your pictures. bill: let's hope this is not it. see you tomorrow, bye bye. jenna: hi everybody, hope you're off to a good day so fark i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm off to a good day. i'm jon scott, top box, a live look at the white house, president obama meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin nath use hoo, later today, we'll meet with mahmoud abbas, palestinian lead. what.sides are saying about peace in the middle east. jenna: just days after sanctions against knot korea, there's word the rogue nation has made a direct move to evade them. what the north is accused of doing. jon in the bottom box, the power of sarah palin, she backed joe miller in alaska's senate primary race and the virtual unknown
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candidate took down the incumbent. what does it mean for palin's political future? we're right here in the fox newsroom, breaking news coming in from across the country, our domestic desk, watching local news, our world desk watching events around the globe and our media deck, bringing you event sos we can watch it immediately. jen earl is prompting evacuation orders, folks up and down the east coast making preparations as the category three storm moves north, hurricane-force gust the and torrential rain from the carolinas to maine. he is writtenning through with maximum sustained winds of 125 miles per hour. janice dean live in the fox news extreme weather center. hey j.d. >> reporter: brand new information as of 11:00, i haven't even seen the new track but you will see it with me in moments. but i just want to go over it. we now have hurricane warnings posted for the mid-atlantic region, here's
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what it said, large hurricane earl threatening portions of the mid atlantic now, hurricane warning issued, it was a watch, for the east coast of the u.s., from north carolina to the north carolina-virginia border, also, the watch, hurricane watch, now extending from the north carolina-versus border northward to cape henlepin, hope i said that right, i apologize if i haven't, 125 miles per hour sustained winds, a category three storm, moving northwest at 17 miles per hour. we're going to start to feel hurricane-force winds, possibly, along the mid atlantic coast within the next 36 hours. the other piece of information we have here, see this right here? yep, tropical depression number nine, and it will probably become gaton. still watching fiona as well, right on the heels of this storm, earl, hurricane earl. you can see we're starting to see that well defined eye. still a possibility this could become a category four within the next several hours, it still has a lot of
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warm -- a lot of warm water to travel on. you know what, this is not the latest path, because the winds have not been upgraded yet but we will get that to you. category three storm, as we head through thursday and friday, coming very close to the outer banks. very close to long island. very close to cape cod and the islands and perhaps maybe a direct landfall over atlantic canada, you guys, but i keep stressing a wonel to the left could mean the difference between a bad storm and a very dangerous storm. that could still make landfall somewhere along the east coast. water, still very warm, up until you get towards the east coast, and the water temperatures drop off and that's going to help weaken the storm, along with the trough that should kick the storm out to sea. but the timing of this trough is going to be essential, and there is some of the you have advisories that are out, which i just mentioned to you. so now, the latest right now from the national hurricane center, hurricane warnings
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in effect for parts of the mid atlantic region and, of course, watches extending all the way up now towards delaware. so this storm is getting stronger by the minute, and, of course, we are watching the track very carefully. i'll have all that updated information. i apologize, it really just came in before i came to air. so everything is fluid, jenna! jen no need to apologize. we know you're working hard there. let's hope for a wonel to the right. >> absolutely. jenna: as opposed to the left. >> reporter: glad you said that, we're talking about the worst case scenario, want to make sure people are prepared but the best case scenario is if it wonels to the right and doesn't warm anyone. maybe just a rough surface and maybe a few raindrops. jenna: for up to the minute weather updates, go to, click on the full coverage, earl, on the home page and we'll be covering this story for you for the rest of the hour and
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also for the next couple of days. jon: and janice's husband is hoping for big surf. he's a big surfer. at this hour the u.s. is in a new phase of the war in iraq. a change of command ceremony this morning, marking the end of operation iraqi freedom and the start of operation new dawn. the mission now focuses on advising and training iraqi forces as they assume responsibility for the nation's security. dominic dinatali is streaming live from kirkuk. dominic. >> reporter: yes indeed, now general lloyd austin iii takes over from general ray id -- odierno in terms of commanding the troops in iraq. major sam hall has served under general austin. thank you very much for joining us. give us a sense of the flavor, the style of general austin's style. >> i was one of his soldiers, he was very dope mental, exudes a lot of confidence and character for
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our soldiers, and so his style is very -- it's very charismatic. very charismatic. he can inspire and will inspire the soldiers to continue their assist. >> he follows ray odierno and there's a lot of affection for ray odierno but you say he has developed -- this is appropriate considering the mission going forward. >> as a brigade commander he did an awesome job in developing lieutenants and captains. i think he knows how to teach, coach and mentor and as we advise and assist, it's going to fit hand in hand. >> reporter: he's been commander here before. do you think it will be a very different mission from 2008, because we still were in combat operations then. >> this is true, but what i've seen from general austin, he's a man that understands the mission ahead of him and i'm fully confident that he's able to do what we need to do here. >> reporter: major hall,
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thank you very much. thank you very much for your service to your country, we do predict that. >> thank you. >> reporter: indeed, jon, general austin will be commanding a third of troops he did in 2008. it is by no means a soft mission, advising and assisting the iraqi troops going forward. the americans have to train iraqi troops, still, in combat, although the official american combat operation is over, u.s. soldiers will still be in the line of fire as they go out and show iraqis how to do the job and how to secure the country and maintain its own sovereign country and nation going forward. back to you in new york. jon: we all hope and pray that mission goes well. dominic, thank you. jenna: another story on iraq now, iraq is spending billions of dollars to transform its military into a state of the art fighting force, and guess who they're spending that money with? they're turning to us, the united states, to make that happen. there are new reports the iraqi government is planning to send up -- spend $13 billion on american-made weapons and equipment. the top u.s. officer in
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charge of advising iraqi forces says this will help build a lasting u.s.-iraqi partnership. jon: former british prime minister tony blair said he cried for iraq war victims, blair makes those comments in his memoir title p-pd a journey" hitting store shelves today. he aligned himself with george w. bush and while he says he cried for soldier and civilians who died he also says he still believes it was right to remove saddam hussein from power. jenna: right now, president obama is meeting inside the oval office with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, later this after that, he'll meet with palestinian leader mahmoud abbas in a new effort to jump start stalled peace talks. we're live to molly henneberg live at the white house. what is the president doing to prod these two into talks? >> reporter: top israeli and palestinian leaders haven't met face to face since december 2008 and last
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night in his speech on iraq from the oval office president obama mentioned briefly his efforts to try to get both sides back together again. here's more: >> today, both adversaries are at peace and emerging democracies are potential partners. it stretches from asia to the america, a new push for peace in the middle east will begin here, tomorrow. >> reporter: the president who has said he wants a peace deal within a year is meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and will meet later today with mahmoud abbas. all of them will have a dinner at the white house later tonight, and direct talks are expected to begin tomorrow at the state department. jenna: as both sides approach the meetings, molly, what are they saying? >> reporter: similar to what we've heard previously. israel is saying if there's going to be a two-state solution, meaning israel and
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a palestinian state, side by side, there has to be accommodations provisions for israeli security. here's more: >> a deal is possible, and that's what we're looking for, an historic peace agreement between israelis and palestinians and agreement that protects israel's most vital national and security interests. >> reporter: palestinian president abbas told reporters traveling with him, quote, if there is good will, then it is more than enough. if they, the israelis, refuse to extend the halt of settlement activity, talking about the west bank, then it will be difficult for us to continue these negotiations, and these negotiations are taking place in the shadow of a hamas attack in the west bank on an israeli vehicle earlier this week that killed four israelis. jenna, back to you. jenna: abbas, netanyahu, you have obama, you have a lot of -- a lot of names! >> reporter: jenna is the most important. that's the one i want to get
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right. jenna: thank you molly, molly henneberg for us at the white house today. jon: a south korean newspaper report details lengths north korea has gone to to dodge sanction, saying the north changed names of some of its black listed trading companies and forged invoices on weapons shipments, for example, calling torpedoes fish processing equipment or antitank rockets oil boring machinery. south korean intelligence conforms reports but declines to give extra details. jenna: more evidence of the power of sarah palin at the polls, she backed joe miller of alaska and he took the gop nomination away from a well-known incumbent senator. what does this major upset mean for palin's political future and the mid terms? a fair and balanced debate ahead. the national hurricane center issuing a hurricane warning for the coast of north carolina, and a hurricane watch for delaware. we're tracking this powerful storm's new path, all ahead on "happening now".
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jon: "happening now" around the word, in the top box, pakistan's prime minister says the catastrophic floods will ravage his country's economy and lead to massive job losses. in the middle box the indonesia volcano sending plumes of white smoke into the air, scientists fear another eruption is possible. thousands of villagers, forced out of their homes, are now returning even though officials warn they could be putting their lives at risk. bottom box, the swedish prosecutor reopens the rape investigation against w*bg i leaks founder jewel an a -- justan assange, it was dropped last week but one alleged victim appealed the decision and won. jon: a exclusive for you, detailing shocking spending at the department of veterans affairs, the v.a. is shelling out tens of millions of taxpayer dollars each year but it's not to go and help our wounded warriors, it's to maintain hundreds of empty and often
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run-down buildings. joining us with this exclusive story, giana winters from why is this happening? >> reporter: there's a whole bunch of reasons but basically it comes down to money and the v.a. would rather spend $175 million on paying for these buildings than for spending billions of dollars, basically, to either tear them down or renovate. it's really expensive to just knock something down, even though he don't want to use it. skwr*ep jen that's the reason, to actually tkpwhoe and flatten a house or to flatten an office building, that would be may more -- way more expensive than keeping it up. >> right. jenna: even if no one is using it. >> it's not even that that simple. the health what's aerdz are huge, there's asbestos and lead paint in many of buildings and they're located in basically a hospital center so you can't just put asbestos into the air when there's patients walking around, so that's what ups the cost so much. jenna: what are they going to do with these buildings? >> they're going to wait and see and look for money and
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they've stress that's they're certainly trying to reduce the number of vacant buildings, but at a certain point, you decide are you going to spend money on this or this, and there you go. jenna: we have 40,000 troops coming back from iraq and afghanistan that are wounded is there anything in your research that suggests that the money going to these buildings, to just keeping them up, is taking away from those soldiers? >> reporter: well, i think that -- i for one would certainly like an extra $175 million. there are a lot of veterans' advocates groups, groups for homelessness or other aspects that say yeah, that money is taking away any money not being spent directly on services, or providing housing, or something like that is taking away. jenna: it's an interesting story, giana, thank you very much for telling us about t we want to tell our viewers to reach out directly to veterans affairs to see if they would come on and talk about this story and they
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declined but they issued this statement, v.a. places its highest priority on the delivery of quality health care services and benefits to veterans and their families. the department is also called to ensure the safety and security for our veterans employees and those who visit our facilities. that's why the v.a. continues to work on meeting the president's directive to reduce inventory of unneeded buildings or convert their use to meet our key mission objection, like ending veterans' homelessness. over the past three years v.a. has disposed of 256 vacant or underused buildings, consisting of 2.6 million square feet and 200 acres of land and plans to dispose of 6.9 ground square feet over the next five years. but apparently, still 314 buildings are vacant. so we're going to leave it there. if you want more on this story, an exclusive one, we should mention, to, great investigative work by giana and her team, fox news., check it out, right there on your screen, a full article is there for you, go to the home page and click the link
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under latest news. jon. jon: jenna, the national hurricane center, moments ago, upgrading a hurricane watch to a hurricane warning for the entire state of north carolina. our next guest is on the ground where earl could make its first landfall. just hours after watching the u.s. military mark the end of operation iraqi freedom and the start of operation new dawn, secretary gates sits down with our james rosen, the exclusive interview from the defense secretary, next.
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jenna: "happening now" in business, in the top box, take a look at stocks, surging on wall street after some positive news on manufacturing. you can see the dow is up more than 200 points on this very first day of september trading. in the middle box, oil prices rose above $72 a
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barrel today, after a steep drop yesterday, keeping a close eye on that, and our gas prices, of course. in the bottom box, hole loan and refinancing applications jumped last week as mortgage interest rates hit yet another new record low. jon. jon: are you sure it's september? jenna: it is. jon: what did that -- when did that happen? >> new hurricane warnings for north carolina as earl bears down on the east coast, the emergency management agency planning people to -- advising people to prepare there. on the phone, bobby auten, it's my understanding visitors have been told to get off the island. >> that's a mandatory evacuation as of 8:00. jon: just for visitors or resident? >> just for visitors at this point. jon: i'm sure it takes a pretty serious situation for you to have to order an evacuation at the close of tourist season. businesses aren't going to be happy, but people have to be safe, huh?
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>> hello? >> bobby? >> it appears we've lost our connection with bobby outten, county manager in dare county, joining us from manteo. you can see tropical storm earl is downgraded to a three but it's no slouch at a 36789 it is generally expected to skirt up the east coast and possibly make landfall there in the outer banks of north carolina. but again as janice dean has been saying, this thing could go anywhere, a littleel left, right, and millions of people quite literally along the east coast could be affected by it. we'll continue to keep a very close eye on tropical storm earl and give you the latest coordinates and expected track. jenna: definitely a storm we're watching closely. also keeping a close eye on politics as well. a major win some say for sarah palin in the political arena, the virtual unknown she backed in the alaska
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primary, joe miller, unseating the incumbent hours ago. so what does this mean for her political ambitions? also a new report released just hours ago finds the private sector shed 10,000 jobs last month but there's a silver lining. what it is when it comes to the job market. we have that, just ahead.
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jenna: bottom of the hours and here's what's happening light -- right now. we have our eye on earl, hurricane warnings issued for north carolina's coast as that category three storm
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approaches. we also have a hurricane watch in effect for delaware, keeping a close eye on that storm. live at the white house where the president is trying to jump start middle east peace talks, meeting separately with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian lead mahmoud abbasa. jon: another incumbent bites the dust in a huge political upset in alaska, tea party favorite joe miller meets sit be senator lisa murkowski in the primary. miller was the underdog under sarah palin threw her support behind him. mur cow see become the third senator to lose a primary race following bob bennett and pennsylvania's arlen specter. in the house of representatives, four sitting congressmen and women have lost recent primary battles. on is miller's win a big victory for the tea party and a testament to the power of sarah palin at the polls? let's get into that argument with kevin madden, former press secretary for mitt
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romney's campaign and bob beckel from george washington university and a fox news contributor. bob, you say that sarah palin has lost more than she's won here. how can you mean that? >> first of all, i'm going to try to get through this as a political analyst myself with a straight face. but the fact that sarah palin's endorsement won a republican nomination in alaska is not a big surprise, one, and in republican primaries where she has endorsed people, they're mostly conservative republicans vote in those primaries and it's not unusual to see somebody who she endorses win. in terms of what the impact is for the general election -- what i said, everybody she's helped who has won has all of the sudden brought our people back into the race, and they shouldn't have won if a moderate democrat had been nominated. jon: kevin, do you agree? >> no. we tend to overanalyze endorsements but i think this is a case clearly where
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sarah palin's name i.d. and the enthusiasm she brings for a lot of conservatives brought somebody who was essentially mired in obscurity to the forefront to help win a campaign. so i think that there's transactional support that sarah palin has in alaska that clearly made a difference here for mr. miller. but i do think that to bob's point, that general elections, they can't be about endorsements, they can't be about surrogates, they have to be about making the case for your vision, what you're going to do, should you be in office. so general election candidates, you know, they don't need to focus on endorsement, they need to focus on messaging to the voters about what they will do in office. jon: bob, you say she's bringing up the right wing. isn't it possible that simply the republican base is energized this year? >> there's no question they're energized. let me make clear here, we are going to get a whooping come november, my party. jon: wow! >> and we may well lose -- >> jon: can i quote you on that, bob?
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>> that's tough, jon. you've got a million viewers. yeah, but let's keep it between you and me, a good idea. but listen, i'm not afraid to say they can't do anything, they've been running too long, but the point is that yes, there's an energized republican base and they were energized before sarah palin ever endorsed anybody. but look, in nevada, does anybody believe that my good friend harry reid will have a chance in that state? jon, i could run you against harry reid and you would have won by 30 points. now he's probably going to win that state because sarah palin's candidate wins, who frankly is so frankly off the charts that he brought harry reid back into the race. what does that tell you? jon: some republicans have said that sharron angle is maybe the weaker of the republican candidates out there. >> look, as long as harry reid is on the ballot in nevada, we have a chance to win. right now, you see folks that are very -- they're very energized around issues like spending and deficits and sharron angle has the right message with nevada
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voters on that. but also i think folks are very antipolitician, they're seeing somebody like harry reid who's not only associated with the problems in nevada but very associated with the problems we have here with spending and deficits and the growth of government in washington, and they want to send a message to him. so sharron angle has a fact for the fact that harry reid is on the ballot. he spent ten, $15 million, probably more than than that, and he's still in a neck and neck race with sharron angle. >> don't say anything yet, kevin! jon: what about the surprise factor, bob. you're good at reading the polls but styles, even in the last couple of elections, the polls have been way wrong, what if you get more than a whooping, what if you get, i don't know, a thumping? >> there's a great distinction between a whooping and a thumping. both are getting beat, okay? the way i look at it now, i had assumed, going through most of this year, through my own polling, there were going to be minor waves in different parts of the country. there is a wave w-lg -- building, i can see that
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now. the republicans have not nominated the best kwaeupbts as i pointed out before and the thing about harry reid, if i can say, this is a guy who has done a lot for the state of nevada, and has a lot of money in the bank, and if you think you've seen much money spent now, wait until the next six weeks and nobody knows about -- you didn't mention, my dear friend mr. madden, is the same angle is against social security, against medicare, and wants to cut the department of education. i guarantee that story will be out before long. >> all the money in the world is not going to help buy a democrat enthusiasm now. republicans are energized and most importantly, independent voters that are going to be so key at so many of the states, in so many of the swing races, they're energy eiffel and they're aligned with republican principles and the republican message that's against spending and against deficits that are being piled up in washington. >> i just want to say quickly, the big election, 25 percent vote for the party that leads the wave, right now they're leading democrats by 18 points. it ain't there yet, i wouldn't put it in the bank.
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jon: bob beckel is energized, so is kevin madden as well. >> great to be with you. jenna: a fox news exclusive, secretary of defense robert gates meeting with troops in iraq today as the u.s. combat mission in that country comes to an end. our very own james rosen is the only television reporter traveling with the pentagon chief and james will be joining us now from baghdad. james, you asked the secretary a question that some wanted the president to answer last night, whether or not the war in iraq was worth it. what did the secretary say? >> reporter: greetings, jenna, from baghdad, where earlier today, at camp ramadi, which is actually not in baghdad, it's in al umbar province, secretary gates gave a briefing for reporters and one of the reporters asked him point blank was the iraq war worth it, the secretary answered at great length and not exactly directly, saying it will require an historian's perspective to answer the question. he said if iraq ends up as a
11:36 am
democratic state, and a constructive participant in international life, as he put it, and he said then, despite the terrible cost or the potential for this country to be the core of significant change in this region, he said would be -- it cannot be overestimated. he said that where i think we are today, our men and women in uniform believe we have accomplished something that makes the bloodshed not to have been in vain. later i asked the spokesman for the secretary whether or not he believes the bloodshed was not in vain, and he answered with the secretary of defense's view as well. jenna: james, we're looking at some of the footage from your great interview on our screen, we saw a little bit of it, we're going to turn to that tape as soon as we can. it's just coming into our newsroom. we also want to ask you this about your conversation with gates. what did he have to say about afghanistan? >> reporter: well, of course, all along, through the various stops, he's been mentioning that it was the
11:37 am
invasion of iraq that diverted resources, personnel, money, equipment, and lives from the effort in afghanistan. and we are now returning our focus to afghanistan. recently, two of his top uniformed commanders, general petraeus and general conway, the commandant of the marine corps have indicated that we're going to be in afghanistan for years to come. i asked secretary of defense gates about those predictions and what his gut tells him. >> my gut tells me that we will probably have a true presence -- a troop presence in afghanistan for some period of time. i don't know what that period of time is. it's certainly -- i would say certainly more than two years, but i don't know what that length of time would be. it will depend upon the success of our operations, it will depend upon the pressures the taliban feel themselves under when they discover in august 2011 we're not gone. >> reporter: as for the
11:38 am
date that president obama has discussed, and which has received so much attention, july 2011, secretary gates was very adamant in saying some number of u.s. troops will begin to come home from afghanistan starting in july 2011. but again, he said the number and the pace will be conditioned then. jenna: james rosen with an exclusive interview with our secretary of defense, bringing us something that no one else has seen. thank you very much. jon: taking a look at the markets now, the dow up big time right now, 10262, up almost 250 points. a big boost today from an increasing u.s. manufacturing, and new signs of growth in china australia. what does it mean for you? let's get to fox business network's sandra smith live from the new york stock exchange. >> a the end of this day, you don't have to cover your eyes when you look at your 401(k), right now we're looking at the dow up about 244 points, a substantial gain, really hard to find
11:39 am
any red on the screen right now. first trading day in september, we've got a big rally, and also, some decent volume kicking in here, so really a sign the buyers who have been sitting on the sidelines, waiting to chip away at some of these stocks that have gotten pretty cheap after all the selling are starting to come into this market. i mean, if you look back at the past couple of weeks, we've seen a lot of selling, traders on the floor saying the market is oversold, so we're seeing a bounceback on that and we get a little bit of good news and this market bites into it. so we got a pretty decent rally, two stocks we're watching is apple, expected to make a pretty big announcement on new consumer productsor *g gs -- products or an upgrade to the ipod, lots of speculation about that, so the tech-heavy nasdaq is up 3 percent and also burger king, the fast-food giant, there might be a potential sale there, the company might be sold to a private equity group. right now "the new york times" is reporting that 3g capital, a very small, unknown investment firm, might step in and buy the
11:40 am
fast-food giant. it's been struggling, it's been flat since the company went public four years ago, so we're continuing to watch all those stories. but right now, traders say they'll take what they can get. it's a pretty big rally right now, jon. jon: thank you very much, we'll check in with you later. jenna: on to business side of things, new informs about the jobs market. we try to bring you some positive news, and this might be some about job cuts. we're all going to tell you about the jobs are, coming up next. jon: also let's talk cars, the chevy volt, gm's newest automobile, and you helped foot the bill, but some are calling this thing a dud. we'll take it for a spin, next.
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jenna: we have new information on the yemeni airline suspects, arrested in the amsterdam airport. harris, what do we know about what's going on there? >> reporter: it looks like they could possibly be released and very soon. there's word now coming from a spokesperson from the dutch prosecutor's office who is talking to the associated press, and there
11:44 am
is now reportedly a 99 percent chance that the men who got on that flight from chicago that was stopped in the netherlands may go free. now, you'll remember, ahmed mohammed nasser al soofi was carrying pep to biz mole, cash, a knife, a box cutter, two cell phones taped together. some of the items were inside their luggage. dutch authorities stopped them. the plane was on its way to yemen, you'll recall. this was a few days ago. now according to the associated press after questioning these men who were suspected of maybe carrying out a dry run to see what would perhaps get through our security, that was some of the thinking. that was a possibility. our fbi, cia, offered to help in the investigation, but now, according to the a.p., those two men may go
11:45 am
free. very likely. with a 9 percent chance they will. i'm -- a 99 percent chance they will. i'm all over it. jenna: harris, thank you very much for that. jon: are you looking for a good job? you might try knocking on the door of the federal government. according to the partnership for public service and american university, 65 percent of federal workers say they're satisfied with their jobs. fox bit network's elizabeth mcdonald is with us now to explain why. so according to the survey, which agency is the best one to work for? >> there are surprises here in the nuclear regulatory commission, which made the top ranking, for the third year in a row, right, but the fki -- fdic ranked very high and you would think they'd be stressed in this financial crisis with the bank closures going on. also the gao ranked very high as well, jon. jon: the nuclear regulatory commission, i mean, you don't have to be a nuclear scientist to work there. >> no, you don't. jon: they have call kinds of jobs. >> what's also interesting is which agencies ranked really low, and at the bottom of the list, we have
11:46 am
hud, we have the national archives service, and you also have the records administration service. so you see it there, the department of housing, urban development, the national archives, also the ftc rank ed very low. just in the private sector, your boss matters in the public sector as well. the reason why the workers were not happy with their jobs at those agencies at the bottom of the list, they weren't happy with the, quote, senior leadership. jon: isn't it also true, as the economy has been hitting the tank and private industry has been laying off workers, the federal government has been expanding? >> yeah, that's right. that's absolutely right. and also a lot of analysis out there, jon. people in the public sector get much more in the way of compensation, meaning both wages and benefits, health benefits and retirement benefits, better pay, better compensation versus the private sector. that's an issue as wellful jon: a lot of those federal jobs, you can work 20 years, retire with a pretty serious pension, right? >> and they're mostly unionized, too. the unionization is in the government sector now and not so much in the private
11:47 am
sector. jon: nuclear regulatory commission, here i come! >> always delighted. jenna: the whole tv thing doesn't work out for you, right? jon: i'm struggling to make it day by day. i've only been here, what, 14 years? jenna: nuclear regulatory commission. jon: my resume is ready. jenna: these are government jobs. what about the private sector? a new report says the private sector shed 10,000 jobs last month. not necessarily a gus because we were expecting a gain but there's yet another report that says job cuts are down to a 10-year low. we're going to talk to the man behind that report. joining me, john challenger of challenger, gray & christmas. they know where the jobs are. mr. challenger, why are we seeing fewer job cuts? >> it looks like companies have just decided they've been through all the big job cuts that they need and now with the economy starting to improve, there's just not the need, the pressure, to cut jobs. they're living with who they
11:48 am
have right now. jenna: you're saying they cut to the bare bones, does the month of august, the month we're looking at, have anything to do with it, the seasonality of the tphups, perhaps? >> not really. we saw the cuts down significantly, almost by half from what they were a year ago in august and so it really, i think, is a sign that the economy and especially the job market has been in this position -- if you're in a job, you're safe, if you're out there looking, the door has still been shut pretty tight. it's beginning to open up but it's still very hard. companies aren't creating a lot of jobs. jenna: let's talk a little about that. since your report mostly focuses on job cuts, what are you seeing in terms of the hiring? >> well, there is some hiring going on. in fact, we have seen private sector payrolls grow in terms of jobs created every month this year, and that's an unusual -- that's unusual in the first year after a recovery. if you look at the last two recessions in '91 and 2001,
11:49 am
in fact, unemployment went up for the first year, in fact, often for the first two years in the aftermath of those recessions. that's not happening this time around. we've come down from 10.1% unemployment in october a gear ago to now 9 1/2%. jenna: but isn't that in part because we're seeing more discouraged workers, people are out of work for so long, they're just no longer part of the labor force? >> there is some of that. and there's some sense, as well, that because unemployment benefits now have been extended up to 99 weeks, that more people are just not pushing as hard to find those jobs. jenna: you know mr. challenger, really quick here, if someone is out looking for work, where are you seeing the most opportunity? >> well, some of the strong areas are health care. that's been creating jobs right on through the recession, in fact, but also, energy, the broader energy business, and power is a strong area of growth, agriculture has been creating jobs, and probably -- the global economy, as it starts to grow, going to companies that have business
11:50 am
overseas is a good place to look. jenna: well, it's good to see any names on this when it comes to who's hiring, mr. challenger, thank you very much for joining us, the ceo of challenger, gray & christmas, john challenger. jon, we should mention, ahead of the big jobs report on friday, we got the big government jobs report, that's going to be very important to the market and to everybody, really. jon: that's going to be a big number to watch. jenna: exactly. jon: look forward to that. thank you jenna. a beautiful young woman's life is turned upside down when she's attacked in an acid -- and an acid-like liquid thrown in her face. what she did moments after the attack that probably saved her eyesight. gm's new highly anticipated chevy volt set for release this fall. mike tobin got an early look. mike. >> reporter: jon, i'll let you decide if the chevy volt is an electric revolution or out of gas. that's coming up.
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
jon: general motors reports sales in august dropped almost 25 percent from a year ago. industry analysts say a shaky u.s. economy may be discouraging potential car buyers. wonder why. bad news is gm hopes to electrify the market with the fall launch of the chevy volt. mike tobin is live for us in detroit. so did gm deliver with the volt, mike? >> reporter: you know, you can't really answer that question without looking at how heavily the taxpayers are now invested in this project and gm. the bailout money that kept gm alive. billions and billions of dollars. the federal grants that went to create this green technology. but at the end of the day, gm promised a car that would drive 40 miles on a battery charge, then have a gasoline engine that would keep recharging the battery so you could drive your electric car from coast to coast. the chevy volt delivered. it does those things, jon. jon: what about all the
11:55 am
criticism of this car? >> well, it's mostly the sticker price. it's a whopping $41,000. you just talked about car sales being off. now, gm talks about a $7500 tax rebate, that's a rebate up to $7500. that still puts it in line with your entry level bmws or mercedes. if you look at the gasoline equivalent of the volt, the chevrolet cruz, that's only $17,000, so what they're banking on is that iphone effect, that people are going to line up and pay extra just to have the newest technology and latest tech no-green gadget, jon. jon: did you get behind the wheel? how does this thing drive? >> you know, at the end of the day, it's a real car. we've seen other electric cars come off the line and they're glorified golf carts. this is not that. it feels sturdy, it's got horsepower, a strange chassis. i got it up to 80 miles per hour. it's loaded with the latest
11:56 am
averages on the dashboard, but at $41,000, it better have all the latest gadgets, jon. jon: you got it up to 80 and the state trooper pulled you over, right? >> no, it was on a test ride! jon: mike tobin, thanks. jenna: not a glorified golf cart. a good description. jon: 40k will buy you a lot of other cars, too. jenna: we see if it attracts buyers. in the meantime, breaking details on earl, what the chief of the national hurricane center said about the storm's path. also, unmanned drones giving the u.s. border patrol eyes in the sky near mexico, but will drones really help or is all that money better spent on boots on the ground? we're going to tackle that story, straight ahead. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
11:57 am
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jenna: hello, everybody i'm jenna lee. brand-new stories and breaking news on a brand-new hour of "happening now." jon: i'm jon scott.
12:00 pm
the hurricane center saying hurricane earl will bring exemely rough seas and dangerous rip currents to the u.s. east coast. coastal communities under warnings to have their bags packed and ready in preparation for the worst. already driving away labor day tourists in north carolina. jonathan serrie live in north carolina. what's it like there now. >> reporter: we are still under sunny skies and that is drawing a lot of visitors to the beach. out in the atlantic there are heavy waves and heavy rip currents. no one is allowed to go i are into the water. look at the flag over here warning people to stay out of the water, to avoid swimming. there are a two people wade, no one out in the deep end surfing or swimming. largely residents and visitors are heading the warnings. jon: what are authorities telling people to do. >> reporter: it depends on where you are. some of the more remote areas
12:01 pm
such as ocracoke island and hatteras island which are difficult to get to from the coast, hatteras island there is one bridge leading to the mainland and ocracoke island you can only reach by ferry boat. they have declared mandatory evacuations for all nonresidents. residents who choose to stay behind the red cross is urging them to assemble an emergency kit of food, water, medicine and other emergency supplies just in case the hurricane jogs to the west and knocks out the power and other infrastructure, jon. jon: what are residents doing to get ready? >> reporter: largely they are heading the warnings. we went to grocery stores yesterday and saw that many of the aisles add very few bottles of water and other staples. people are stocking up. as far as boarding up houses you look at some of the homes and businesses, we are really not seeing a lot of boarding up going. residents are still watching the
12:02 pm
radar images and paying close attention to the weather reports to see the track of this storm. as long as it's just going to be a glancing blow they are not going to be too concerned. if it starts jogging to the west you'll probably see a lot more boarding up going on as well as the stocking up of food, john. jon: thank you, jonathan serrie. jenna: let's get straight to janice dean joining us from the faction news weather center. brand-new information from the national hurricane center. what do they have to say tk- the storm. >> reporter: we got the latest advisory at 11:00. we are going to get an update at 2. making sure my little maps work. there we go, good, overloaded on the maps today. taking a look at earl right now, 125 per hour sustained winds. down from a category 4 yesterday, it doesn't matter this thing could be fluctuating between cat 3 and 4 within the next 12 to 24 hours. a lot of water to travel on. you can see we are starting to see the buzz saw effect which is
12:03 pm
typical of a major hurricane. these are the hurricane advisories that wo*efee gotten from the national hurricane center. hurricane warnings in effect for parts of the mid-atlantic. we will see hurricane conditions jenna and jon in the next 36 hours. taking a look at our path i'm hoping that this works for us. here we go. category 3 i'm going to break it down for you, here is cape hatteras, category 3 storm major hurricane on thursday night as it approaches the coach and jonathan serrie, still a category 3 thursday evening, again just a glancing blow here. we are still dealing with hurricane-force winds, strong storm surge as well as heavy rain. as we head up towards the coast on friday still a category 3 storm. there is new york. we could see tropical storm force against along new york
12:04 pm
city. this could be a bigger story as we go through the next few day, even if the storm doesn't even come on shore across portions of the northeast. there is boston in that cone of uncertainty. again we are talking still about a category 1 storm. as we go further out in time if this storm jogs to the west, again i keep saying this, this would be the difference between a bad form and a very destructive dangerous storm. so if you live anywhere in that cone of uncertainty, even just west of the cone you want to make sure you know what you're going to be doing, you know what your plan of action is if indeed they say it's time to evacuate. i want to show you the water temperatures. they are very warm up until we get to cape hatteras then they break off significantly into the 70s. that is going to help weaken the storm. the storm is moving quickly so it's not going to weaken a whole lot. we are expecting a trough to come in across the northeast and eventually knock this storm off but the timing of that trough is so crucial.
12:05 pm
if it slows down we might be dealing with a land falling hurricane across the northeast. we still can't rule out that possibility heading forward. again, can't stress it enough if you live anywhere from the outer banks all the way up to coastal maine you need to be making your preparation plans. bottled water, all that stuff, my husband did it just last week making sure you have canned goods if you need it. if the power goes out for weeks, jenna it will be a serious situation we are talking about millions of people all up and down the north east coast. jenna: i want to read this to you. while you are in front of your screen here. we got this from the national hurricane center, the head of the center saying that he's highly confident that's a quote that hurricane earl will veer to the northeast starting late on thursday, keeping the worst of the storm from the east coast. so i'm -- >> reporter: i'm glad he's saying that. i'm really glad that he's saying that. we have to put our confidence in the national hurricane center and their computer models,
12:06 pm
they've been very concise the last couple of days that the storm will remain off-shore. i have to put the caveat in there if we are dealing with a little tiny jog it's going to mean a little bit of a difference in the storm track. jenna: you know better than anybody, anything can happen over the next 24, 48 hours, janive thank you so much. we know you are hard at work and getting your emergency stuff all together. you're busy in the dean household. jenna: earl is a category 3. you've seen on your screen the type of damage it can cause, upwards of 135 miles per hour. it can do structural damage to roofs, walls in small homes. trees, shrubs, it can cause extext -- extensive damage to mobile homes as well. make sure you have an emergency plan just in case. if you want to check out the animations log onto, scroll down to the bottom where you'll find the link to the hurricane wind
12:07 pm
scale and that is going to bring you all the cool animations. jon. jon: jenna the unmanned drones are taking to the skies right now over our southern border to help beef up securities. critics say drones are a poor substitute for a fence and more boots on the ground. fox news went to the fort where the drone operators are based to find out what really is going on. william la jeunesse live for us in los angeles. william. >> reporter: first used by the military for subject surveillance. custom and border protection uses the high flying predator to patrol the nation's border. critics say at $15 million a piece these are a waste of money. supporters say they do something that hells and planes cannot in our every changing what ares on the border. >> these are not a wise use of the taxpayers money. 15 million tkhr-rz for what amounts to a moving -- dollars for what amounts to a moving
12:08 pm
camera platform is a bit excessive. >> i can tell you the $15 million is well worth it in that we now can focus on the border in a broader area. >> reporter: the department of homeland security currently operates six predators, two on the northern border, four on the south. last month it bought two more for texas. critics say the hundred million dollars is better spent elsewhere calling them extensive toys ill suited for border patrol. >> we already spot more traffic than we can apprehend. we need for boots on the ground so we can apprehend what we are spotting now. >> reporter: they say predators spend most of their time gathering intelligence. their role as a stealth as set isee srofrlg. to show you the capability we will turn off that like. it's pitch black, i can see and hear nothing but the predator can see us from over two miles high and supporters say that is a game changer.
12:09 pm
>> we've proven the versatility of this aircraft on many occasions. illegal immigrants tripped a ground sensor in a remote corner of arizona. the drone engaged allowing its pilots to guide in agents, first on the ground and later with the helicopters to make the arrests. >> very few platforms can do that. so there is something you can quantify in savings. >> reporter: well the faa has now given permission to cbp to fly these, jon, over new mexico, arizona and texas, not yet california. it was a texas delegation who asked for the money for the drones not the hs. they say that the bottom line is is that how this drone is going to be or uav is going to be integrated with field agents is still ever evolving and of course it isn't just people and drugs but it's also being used in national disaster response. back to you. jon: william la jeunesse live in los angeles. william, thanks. jenna. jenna: jon, first it was ask, now delaware could be next. another tea party-backed
12:10 pm
candidate christine o'donnell is going after delaware's longtime congressman and governor mike cassell. also a new pair of sunglasses saved her eyesight but her face is going to take months to heal. hairs is at the news desk getting information on a horrifying story. >> reporter: what i'm following is the push police are making to catch an attacker. a woman attacked in a starbuck's parking lot. she is screaming. no one can hear her. what happened to her and what they are doing to catch the attacker right after this. ring ring. progresso. why does it say box tops for education on your soup? oh, it's a program that raises money for schools. that's great, but this is a can. ye it is. you can't have a box top on a can. yes we can. but a can isn't a box. we know. i don't think you do. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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12:14 pm
custody. middle box a small plane makes an emergency landing in jackson florida. no one on the ground or in the plane were hurt. bottom box, they label the fire at an old car dealership suspicious. anti-frees helped fuel the flames. thankfully there were no injuries. jenna: well the tea party movement is celebrating a big victory in alaska today, joe miller upsetting incumbent senator lisa murkowski in the gop primary. now tea party supporters are keeping a close eye on christine o'donnell's campaign for the senate seat long held by joe biden in delaware. she is taking on former republican governor and nine-term congressman mike cassel. carl cameron is live. the tea party is coming to delaware. what does it mean for the race there? >> reporter: it means that mike
12:15 pm
cassell can no longer ignore christine o'donnell. we are talking about the tea party express organization, political action committee out of northern california which has said they will put a quarter of a million dollars into christine o'donnell. cassell has been ignoring her for months but they ran into each other where we met up with both of them. o'donnell its making the argument that casseel is a moderate republican. she calls him a rhino, she says he has supported the obama administration. here is how she puts it. >> for too long they have had to hold their nose and accept mike cassell who has supported a liberal democrat agenda. >> reporter: and yet he can boast that he's been reelected
12:16 pm
nine times to congress and before that he was governor. the tea party express will drop a quarter of a million dollars in tv ads, direct mail and radio trying to get him unelected. his argument lisa murkowski up in alaska didn't see it coming with the tea party express attacks. he says he's going to go off the tea party stress attacks now. jenna: you know there is a hurricane watch for delaware with, right? are you going to take any cover or what. >> reporter: not here. the cover is political. we have the primary in 13 days and cassell has been leading by ten points or more in many polls. o'donnell has the benefit of this national ante establishingment, ante washington, ante inch couple pwapbt and conservative ka*pbt tee moderate strain and it could make a political storm here. one piece of information which
12:17 pm
is important the delaware state party endorsed cassell already. o'donnell isn't even allowed at many of the events in this sprint. she cass herself as a victim running against a establishment that won't tolerate her. cassell says she calls herself a fiscal conservative but has had personal financial trouble, she ran two times neither tied did she end up winning. cassell has nothing but strong victories for more than two decades. jenna: we appreciate it, carl cameron. jon. jon: breaking news out of the netherlands, jenna, dutch prosecutors say those two yemeni men arrested in connection with a terror probe have been freed without charge. this is the cellphone video of their arrests. they were actually arrested on
12:18 pm
board a united airlines flight when it landed at the airport in the netherlands. these two yemeni men had a lot of weird stuff in their luggage. that's all authorities would say. it's the luggage they carried in the belly of the plane not in their carry on bags. they had box cutters. and cell phones that appeared to be wired or taped to soda bottles, that kind of thing. it all looked very suspicious and just weird, frankly, so authorities picked them up for questioning. also there were reports that the two men had made last minute changes in their flight itineraries together. it all just didn't add up, so they were arrested. but after taking a look at them authorities have said there simply isn't enough evidence to hold them on charges and so they have been released. jenna. jenna: well a horrifying attack called on video, the target here a religious procession. details from the scene moments from now, plus these five
12:19 pm
presidents all tried, all of them failed to bring lasting peace to the middle east. now president obama is meeting with israeli and palestinian leaders at the white house. can he succeed where no one else has? we are going to ask ambassador john bolton and he's going to tell us why the middle east is so important to our security. that's next. , she's gas. he's constipation... and our special fiber helps our prootics so that you can show those symptoms who's in charge. this isn't even my floor. [ elevator bell dings ] this isn't even my floor. so, we set out to discover the nutritiol science at purina one, we want your cat to be as healthy as possible in some of nature's best ingredients.
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12:22 pm
>> reporter: i'm harris faulkner at the breaking news desk. welcome back to "happening now." what is going on in the state of washington is a hunt tore someone who attacked a woman in the starbuck's parking lot. it's in the area of vancouver, if she hadn't been pairing sunglasses she would be blind in addition to all of the disfigure ration that has happened to her face. here is what police say happened monday evening at 7:00pm in an
12:23 pm
area crowded with people at that time. a woman walked up to a 28-year-old woman and threw an acid-like liquid into the woman's face and it could be months before her skin even begins to here. she was new to town, had gotten a job and moved in with her parents and add no way of knowing what the woman would do when she tapped her on the shoulder and then that life-chaining move with that acid-like substance. the starbuck's pretty well frequented at that time of the night. a black female age 25 to 35 wearing khaki green sports with her hair slicked back in a ponytail. anybody in the parking lot might have thought what they were seeing minor. if they new the severity of it call the number there on your screen. again, if she hadn't been
12:24 pm
wearing sun blastess she would be blind. bet that knee storo keep her in her thoughts. back to you guys. jon: new reaction to a deadly attack on set hrers in the west bank. ban ki-moon calling the murders a blatant attempt to undermine peace talks this week. harass -- hamas claims responsibility for the shootings that left a pregnant woman and three others dead. president obama spent time with benjamin netanyahu this morning. he's about to sit down with pal still yan president mahmoud abbas. there is limited coverage of this peace talks prelude rile, what does it say about the prospects for success. >> reporter: one thing it tells us is the schedule can be altered at the drop of a hat and it's being altered this very minute. right now as i speak president obama and israeli prime minister
12:25 pm
benjamin netanyahu are addressing the reporters to tape we'll have that on the fox news channel in a moment. what they are going to be talking about in the joint statement added to the schedule are the attacks that left four israelis dead. hamas is taking credit for it. benjamin netanyahu said it will not undermine direct talks with the pal tin steupb yan and the palestinian authority which is a rival of hamas ordered the arrests of 250 ha has activists, unprovoked attacks on four israeli civilians that took their lives. we have a lot of things happening not only in the region but here in washington. we had limited coverage initially today but the statement by benjamin netanyahu and the president elevates not only the scope of the attacks but what effect if any on the direct talks set to begin tomorrow at the state department. jon: pretty frosty relations between the president and prime minister early on. are things better these days?
12:26 pm
>> reporter: things are better these days. quite clearly both leaders wanted to take note of this tragic attack by hamas terrorists on these four israeli civilians. the president wants to make sure that as the nation, meaning the united states and the region evaluates the beginning of these direct talks that hamas will play no role in them at all. it's with the palestinian authority only. hamas believes it should have a role in it but its a terrorist organization and is recognized by the united as such. so that will not be so. a couple of other regional leaders are here. black ehud barak and king abdullah are here. jenna: ambassador john gates is here. are you running for president in 2012? >> reporter: well, you know, it's a great honor when people
12:27 pm
ask me that question and i have been asked that question. i don't think anybody involved in politics should worry about that until after the elections this fall, because i think they are so important. so that -- to the extent i get involved is where i'm going to put my focus now. jenna: you're not saying no. >> reporter: i'm not saying no, that's right. jenna: the reason that i ask is for 30 years we have seen nearly every american president attempt major mideast peace talks. will this time be different? >> reporter: no, i don't think so. i think this is going to fail. i think it will probably fail sooner rather than later. i think it's been a mistake for the obama administration to put this kind of emphasis on getting direct negotiations starting again, because the failure of these talks will not leave the united states in the same position as it was before the effort, it will leave the u.s. in a worse position in many respects because it will show how much effort and time has been expended to no useful
12:28 pm
result. jenna: ambassador are you saying as president you would not address this crisis? >> reporter: no, i think the question is when it is appropriate and potentially dispositive to engage in this kind of diplomacy. for the very reason you were just discussing with major garrett there is no likelihood of these talks successing for a number of reasons the most important in vie view is there is no responsible interlocular on the palestinian side. mahmoud abbas who will be at these talks speaks for only a small number of palestinians. he cannot make the hard commitments you need to make to make progress towards peace. even if he did he could not sustain them over the coming years. jenna: ambassador the president made the point last night in his oval office address that we really as a nation need to focus on some domestic issues, like,
12:29 pm
for example, the economy right now. can you explain to us why this is so important, why these peace talks are so important to our national security? >> reporter: well, there is no doubt that we should focus on the economy and the ditch that it's in. presidents ought to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, and the middle east is a region of enormous importance for the united states. israel is a close ally of ours. we have enormous economic interest in the flow of oil and natural gas and we've got key strategic interests in making sure that iran does not develop nuclear weapons, which it's well on the road to doing, and its support for terrorism around the world doesn't affect critical american interests. i think the obama administration has got their focus in the middle east almost exactly backwards concentrating on the arab-israeli issue instead of containing the growing threat of iran. jenna: ambassador, best scenario
12:30 pm
what comes out of the meeting. >> reporter: i think the most likely outcome is not much of anything comes out of them. these meetings this week will be very formal, largely the exchange of opening positions, then we'll see what happens in the lower level negotiations. but i just don't see that the conditions are right. diplomacy can only bridge differences that are bridgeable. i think the differences at this point between israel and the palestinians are far too broad for this to succeed. jenna: ambassador we always appreciate your perspective on this show. and if you do make an official announcement to run for president we of course welcome you back for that any time. >> reporter: thank you. jon: imagine north korea telling a lie? knock me over with a feather. the extreme measures the rogue nation is taking to dodge interest national sanctions annex port its weapons plus -- >> i like square butts and i cannot lie [.
12:31 pm
jon: could be changes be coming to the home of the whopper? a fox business report next. [rapping. ] @=h
12:32 pm
12:33 pm
12:34 pm
jen brand new comments from president obama who just wrapped up his meeting with the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, a little later today he'll be meeting with the palestinian leader. let's take a listen: >> hello everybody. prime minister netanyahu and i just had a very productive discussion about our shared efforts to advance the cause of peace between israelis and palestinians and throughout the middle east. i'm going to have more to say about today's meetings not only can prime minister netanyahu but with the other participants of the talks here in the rose garden later this afternoon, did you i -- but i did want to
12:35 pm
specifically take some time out to speak to the people of israel and to the region about the senseless slaughter that took place near hebron yesterday. there are going to be extremists and rejectionists who rather than seeking peace are going to be seeking the destruction, and the tramdy that we saw yesterday where people were gunned down on the street by terrorists who are purposely trying to undermine these talks is an example of what we're up against. but i want everybody to be very clear, the united states is going to be unwavering in its support of israel's security and we are going to push bacagainst
12:36 pm
these kinds of terrorist activities. and so the message should go out to hamas and everybody else who is taking credit for these heinous crimes that this is not going to stop us from not only ensuring a secure israel, but also, securing a longer lasting peace in which people throughout the region can take a different course. i also want to express my deepest condolences of the american people to the families of those who were gunned down. and i want to thank prime minister netanyahu during the very difficult time for his country, still being so committed to the cause of peace that he's here with us today. prime minister? >> well, thank you mr. president for expressing what i think is the
12:37 pm
sentiment of decent people everywhere in the face of this savagery and brutality. four innocent people were gunned down and seven now orphans were added by people who have no respect for human life or trample human rights into the dust, and butcher everything that they oppose. i think that the president's statement is an expression of our desire to fight against this terror and the talks that we had which were, indeed, open, productive, serious in the quest for peace, also centered around the need to have security arrangements that are able to roll back this kind of terror and other threats to israel's security. that is a fundamental element, an important foundation of the peace that we seek and work for, and i
12:38 pm
appreciate, mr. president, your efforts to advance this peace for us and for our neighbors, for our region, and i think we can say for the world. thank you. >> thank you. >> let me just say that i will be meeting with president abbas this afternoon. he condemned this outrageous attack as well. i have the utmost confidence in him and his belief in a two-state solution in which the people of israel and the palestinians are living side by side in peace and security. and so i'm also grateful to him for his presence here today. we have got a lot of work to do. there are going to be those who are going to do everything they can to undermine these talks, but we are going to remain stalwart, and so to prime minister netanyahu, and to prime minister -- and to president abbas, as well as
12:39 pm
to president mubarek and king abdullah of jordan, i'm very grateful for their participation and i will have a longer discussion about that this afternoon after my bilateral meetings. thank you. jen the president, talking about the work that's laid ahead of him. he's joined by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, both commenting on the murder of four israelis in the west bank by what the president called extremists by hamas, the terrorists, the president calling those murders a slaughter and saying they were done on purpose to try to undermine the peace talks that the white house is trying to bring together. the president also saying he's going to be meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas later today, and mahmoud abbas and benjamin netanyahu, they go on to a meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton tomorrow. he is making a statement about the attack, those murders, ahead of the talks
12:40 pm
to set the tone, to say those are not going to undermine the work that's being done in washington. jon. jon: possibility of a whopper of a deal has wall street paying attention. what's going on? a private company is in talks, we are told, to gobble up all of burger king and take it private once again. we'll get into that, straight ahead.
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
jon: there's a whopper of a deal that's possible in the fast-food industry. reports all over the place that the burger king company may be the subject of a buyout from a private equity firm. jerry willis is here with more on what that means for you and your 99 cents whopper meal, right? >> exactly. this company, burger king, number two hamburger chain in -- chain in the country could be taken over by a private equity company, market balance, $2.3 billion, it would be a big deal and more burger
12:44 pm
chains could flip! jon: i like that, hold the pickles! why not? i mean, it seems like there are a lot of companies changing hands. why burger king? >> merger and acquisition activity is ramping up as companies have money on their books and don't know what to do with it, trying things to buy, burger kings is in the crosshairs, needs a lot of work, according to analysts on wall street, problems with franchisees but the thinking is all the changes could be made. jon: it is the number two burger company or fast-food company, as you say, but hasn't done a lot recently stock wise, has it. >> hasn't done a whole lot but the whole stock market hasn't done a lot recently, that's what's fueling the m & a numbers, because the companies, you can get them on the cheap and companies are looking for ways to burn cash now. they're not hiring people, they have money to spend, they're looking for ways to spend it. jon i don't know that's a problem i don't have, too much money to spend. >> me either! jon: i'm sure you'll have
12:45 pm
more on the willis report. >> that's right. jon: jerry willis, fox news dole ko*plt, thank you. >> thank you. jenna: well, a new high tech push to make it easier for our troops to vote while serving overseas. laura ingle is live across the new york newsroom with this story. what is this new effort? >> reporter: hi jenna. assemblyman paul moriarty in new jersey a proposing a pilot program to come up with an internet-based voting system that would allow active duty members serving overseas to cast ballots, something that's been a problem in the past, but cyber security experts feel the internet isn't 100 percent safe and say that e voting is susceptible to -- susceptible to hack tprapbd awe assemblyman moriarty says there's ways around it. >> we process billions of dollars of transactions through the internet safely and securely every day and every week, why can't we do this for our military to make it safe and secure for them to vote while they serve us overseas? >> online voting could also
12:46 pm
reduce human error, preventing incidents like the infamous hanging chads of 2000, jenna. jenna: laura, are any states already doing this? >> there are a lot of different states trying out different things. right now 33 states are actually allowing millions of overseas and military voters to use some form of electronic voting. we're talking about e-mail and fax. it's mostly georgia, arizona, west virginia are just a few states trying out internet voting on smaller scales. experts are, though, keeping a close eye on this process and say there are some important things to look for with this type of e voting. >> one question with any proposed reform in the election system is whether one party will benefit more than the other and for this there's no way to know. older people, veterans tend to vote republican, young people tend to vote democratic, so you have young people in the military, it's up in the air how they would vote. >> reporter: it's something that moriarty is pushing forward, something
12:47 pm
to have on the government's desk by the end of year if approved by the general assembly first. if it works well all new jersey residents could be casting their ballots in the future this way, at least that's the hope. jeb -- jenna: laura, thank you. all hour, we've been following new developments on hurricane earl, the national hurricane center says it's confident earl will make a northeast turn but it's not out of the woods yet. rick reichmuth has this next. and we at "happening now" are having a hard time containing this one. college football is about to kick off across the country. twenty-six years later, many still call it the best college sports play in history. doug flouti launched that hail mary pass. we'll tell you what he's doing for college sports now. you don't want to miss it.
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
jenna: well, we promised tapped now here it is. what lots of folks call the greatest play in college sports history. >> throws it down, boston college! i don't believe it. touchdown! jenna: it still makes you smile, right? that was more than 25 years arc it's still incredible to watch. of course, doug flutie was the one who threw that pass and he joins us to talk about a new project you're working on on the very first day for division one in college. >> the capital one cup is going to be a new award for cumulative performance on field for athletic programs.
12:52 pm
basically it's an emphasis on champions but it's a point systems to evaluate who's got the top program in colagat sports and it encompasses from football to field hockey and tennis and 13 sports in the men's division, 13 sports for the women, and the school that goes home with the prize will win $200,000 in scholarship money. they'll award the trophy at the end of the year and also give out the $200,000. jon: that's a serious chunk of metal. what does it weigh? >> probably under 10 pounds. jenna: come on, you can handle it! at this time of year, do you just get -- is it nostalgia, how does it feel? >> i get excited for the college football season every year, it's phenomenal and when the anniversary comes up -- by the way, that film looks old, old as dirt! but boy, i'll tell you what, you do the interviews year after year on the play, come november, and the anniversary, and i get a
12:53 pm
little tired talking about it but like you said, it always brings a smile to my face when you watch it. jon: you look a lot better than the actual film of you playing all those years! what do you think was the best play in college football? >> the one that usually beats out that play will be the stanford band play, where all the laterals and they're running through the stanford band into the end zone and i agree that's the number one play, but if you sit and analyze those, one of those laterals looks forward to me. that is definitely -- >> and i still think there are otr hail maryies that were more ridiculous than that one throughout the year. jen yuen there's so much going on in the world on so many different levels and college sports has become really -- it's huge, there's so much pressure on the athletes but there's also a lot of opportunity. how do you like at kind of where we are in sports today and what it means? >> it's become such big business at the collegiate level. i'm a purist, i want to see you go to your school and while you're at school, play ball, but it's become big business, and the kids are
12:54 pm
phenomenal athletes and they're being pushed so hard and now to have something like the capital one cup, this will bring a -- i really am old dirt, look at that, i look like i'm 12! i think this award will bring some of the attention to the nonrevenue sports like a field hockey, volley ball, tennis, the campus will care more about how they're finishing because where they finish affects what school can win. jon: what about the shakeup in some of the leagues? good for college? >> i don't know whether it's going to be good or bad. i'm all for it because i think it will make the conferences more competitive and people are kind of posturing themselves to get into the position for some of the smaller schools, getting into a bigger conference to go for a national championship, so all the power to them but it is a reflection of the business of college football. jenna: can't let you go out asking you about that business of college football, who do you have money on? hypothetically for the college season and what about professionally?
12:55 pm
>> i'm looking at alabama again to try to repeat. when they say the heisman trophy man can't play in the first game, but the kid in for him is probably better, that's tallent. and the nfl ranks, being in new york and the jets fan, i'm a new england guy and i'm a big tom brady fan and tom has been wrestling -- ruffling a few feathers lately, but i'd never bet against tom. jenna: i got a yes, yes, yes in my ear from the controller, and they have people that agree with that. >> okay! jon: i thought you were going to play with me. how about brett farve? >> coming back again. i keep telling him, shut up about the retire thing, we want to know you don't want to go through the off season thing, and you'll be back third week of preseason. sure enough, he can swing it and still play. jenna: i bet you can, too. >> on the recreational level, sure. jenna: doug, thank you for bringing the toffy by and sharing your thoughts. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. jon: a mosque in tennessee,
12:56 pm
invites the fbi to provide protection during a prayer service. but that move has opened up a firestorm of criticism. who is not happy with that decision? that's ahead. [ female announcer ] which cheese slices do you prefer?
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one that has to be called pasteurized processed cheese product? [ lou ] or, one that can actually be called, natural cheese? ♪ here at sargento, we believe your sandwiches, burgers and panini deserve the very best. that's why our family's deli style slices
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are never processed, and always made with natural ingredients, for a taste that's authentically delicious. sargento. persnickety people. exceptional cheese. jon: we seem to pwreur you plenty of stories about wine and spirits here on "happening now." so what is one more? in colorado people are lining up to volunteer their time at a local distillery. this company is too small to afford a bottling machine. the owners put out that they were looking for help. guess what they have a waiting list of more than 900 people. might have something to do with the free bottle of whiskey each volunteer gets to take home. the company chips out about 5,000 bottles a day. i think you'd be able to afford a bottling machine with that kind of a. jenna: that's cool. have you ever bottled whiskey before? jon: no can't say i

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